Jason Wang, President of Jascaffe
    Having more than 20 years' of experience in café industry, Jason Wang served as President of Asia Pacific in a US-listed company for 15 years, before founding Jascaffe China Co.,Ltd., along with 27 years in chain restaurant equipments and 16 years in the Mainland catering service industry. Mr. Wang is known for his in-depth insight and unique expertise in the café trade, ranging from raw material harvest, product R&D, equipment management and maintenance to the trends in the coffee market, the operations of caffe and the profitability model in the industry. A respectable industry leader, Mr. Wang has been invited to act as jury member in the World Barista Championship for years.
    Ever since foundation of Shanghai Jascaffe China Co.,Ltd. In 2003, under the leadership of Mr. Wang the company has integrated his in-depth industry expertise and visionary concepts with its daily operations, and thus makes enormous contributions to the growth of the industry.