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National champions representing more than 33 countries participated in this week's World Coffee Events championships of 2012: World Latte Art and World Coffee in Good Spirits. Hosted at the Cafe & Bakery Show in Seoul, Korea from November 1-4. A crowd of hundreds witnessed the triumph of Victori Kahirtseva from Russia in the World latte Art championship and Akos Orosz, from Hungary in the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship.

SCAE's Annemarie Tiemes reports that the Coffee Diploma Workshops were a great
success too. Delivered in Korean by Steven Kil, Roasting Level 1 and Barista Level 1
 were a huge success. 

Tibor Hajcsunk, SCAE's Regional Co-ordinator for Hungary said, 'We are extremely happy with our competitors. Ákos Orosz, is a first time competitor at both national and world level. Ákos is a working mixer, who makes cocktails every day. I think he enjoyed the whole competition very much'.

The competition winners' roster:

World Latte Art Championship

Champion: Victori Kashirtseva, RUSSIA

2nd: Graciele Rodrigues, BRASIL

3rd: Luzia Taschler, GERMANY

4th: Leszek Jedrasik, POLAND

5th: Seivijus Matiejunas, LITHUANIA

6th: Ban-Suk Lee, SOUTH KOREA


World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship

Champion: Akos Orosz, HUNGARY

2nd: Stavros Lamprinidis, GREECE

3rd: Ronny Billemon, BELGIUM

4th: Dan Fellows, UNITED KINGDOM

5th: Ubirajara Gomes, BRAZIL

6th: Francesco Corona, ITALY


To see the complete awards ceremony or view presentations of each of the World Championships competitors, please visit and    



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